Project Wikipedia: Contribution of our team “Vanadium”


The project is part of the Telerik’s courses – “Knowledge sharing” and all 350 participants who were enrolled for the project were divided into teams of 4-5 people. The task of the team was to write, edit and augment the information in new or existing articles on Bulgarian language at by the rules and standards for quality of Wikipedia.

Our team “Vanadium” consisted of 7 participants and themes were:


  • Martin Nikolov – (Flextry) – Software Engineering
  • Daniel T. – (Daniel Todorov) – ERP
  • Liudmil D. – (GaJleon) –  Software Engineering + ERP
  • Tsvetomir I. – (somann) –  Software Engineering
  • Nikola N. – (Themagicis) –  Software Engineering

Comparison – BEFORE / AFTER: