Visual Studio – useful tools

1. Brace Completer

– Automatically adds closing braces after typing an opening brace and pressing Enter.

Brace Completer Screenshot

More information: Brace Completer does exactly what the name says. When you type an opening curly brace and press enter, it automatically fills in the closing brace for you.

Download site:

2. Indent Guides

– Adds vertical lines at each indent level.

Indent Guides Free






More information: Displays indent and page width guides in Visual Studio text editor windows.

Download site:

3. SelectionHighlight

– This extends the editor to highlight all occurrences of a selected word and place a glyph on the left margin.








Download site: (modified version that runs on newer Visual Studio’s versions)

4. AllMargins 2012

– This extension contains the OverviewMargin and several other extensions of that margin. This is a re-release of David Pugh’s original extension adding Visual Studio 2012 support.

AllMargins 2012 Screenshot

More information: AllMargins 2012 is a wonderfully new way to view your source code documents allowing you to quickly and easily move about (i.e. scroll) within them. AllMargins 2012 gives you an at-a-glance view of the structure of your document, highlighting source code document errors, warnings, breakpoints, and much, much more.

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5. CleanProject

– Clean Project is a utility that cleans Visual Studio project directories so you can quickly upload or email a zip file with your solution.













More information: How many times have you wanted to send a project to a friend or upload it to a web site like MSDN Code Gallery only to find that your zip file has lots of stuff that you don’t need to send in it making the file larger than it needs to be.

  • bin
  • folder
  • obj
  • folder
  • TestResults folder
  • Resharper folders

And then if you forget about removing Source Control bindings whoever gets your project will be prompted about that.

Download site:

You can find more extensions at