Book “Introduction to Programming with C#” now in English!


“Dear readers,

After many months, even years of hard work of over 100 participants we are proud to announce that “Intro C# book” was officially published in English

Thanks to all who participated in this project: translators, editors, volunteers, authors, site’s supporters, QA engineers, specialists merketing and others. Our labor is not in vain, though we slowed a lot in this project. Thank you!

This is a great project, unique, not only for Bulgaria but in the world. Never before come out as good and free book about Programming + video tutorials + presentations + mind maps. This is a unique Bulgarian creation made in its large part in the software academy, which we can be proud of many years.

The book “Fundamentals of Computer Programming with C#” is the most recent edition of our favorite book about C# programming, updated for C# 5, Visual Studio 2012 and Windows 8 with many improvements, even partially rewritten several chapters. We recommend it up before the older versions of the Bulgarian language. Coming soon on paper version (under the scheme will be print-on-demand a very high price) .


Download the C# book in PDF (13,7 MB)

Read the C# book online



Програмиране = ++Алгоритми е вече безплатна


Скъпи читатели, поради постоянното изчерпване на книгата “Програмиране= ++Алгоритми” и трудностите с намирането й в мрежата за разпространение решихме да ви направим малък подарък, като публикуваме книгата безплатно в електронен вид . С пожелание за много успехи: Панайот и Преслав”

Официален уеб-сайт на книгата

Свалете безплатно книгата “Програмиране=++Алгоритми”